You ARE Possibility!

We are each and every one of us a testament to the belief that anything is possible.

We are…amazing athletes performing feats (seemingly) beyond physics.

We are…people with incredible physical disabilities living inspiring lives.

We are…individuals with debilitating faults and difficulties arising to greatness.

We are all filled with inadequacies, challenges, problems, flaws, barriers, blocks, dis-eases, glitches, setbacks, drawbacks, obstacles, troubles, tribulations, short-sightedness, competition, failures, lack, struggles, defects, internal battles and tests

And we are all filled with: quest, drive, wonder, mission, goals, effort, enterprise, hunger, yearning, direction, focus, guidance, motivation, center, strength, passion, presence, energy, desire, determination, perseverance, ambition, solutions, power, initiative, vitality, instinct and hustle.

Both sides of you need each other. You need the struggle to engage the hustle, that setback brings out your perseverance. You get growth as the two sides of you work things out. Yes some days the dark stuff seems to win, but in the end the strength of your light elevates you past the challenges you face. Your internal guidance for growth, change and evolution takes you beyond anything you have difficulty with.

We have been sold a lie. We have been told we are inferior to our challenges and unable to fully handle the struggles we face. We are told we need something outside ourselves to conquer our trials and tribulations. We are convinced we need youth and force and pills and money and conformity, and fear and competition and an acceptable reason to lead a full life. LIES!!!!

We forget the power doesn’t come from anything we can learn, or buy or achieve. It is in being the powerful spiritual warrior you were sent here to be. Let You be You!!! Then you can handle anything! You have all the tools you need right now!

You are a manifestation of infinity. The Alpha and the Omega. You are the spiritual and the physical; the challenge and the solution. You just have to let your light shine. And the more you engage and wield the power of your spiritual center the more you elevate your experience on Earth!

This is why we are perfectly imperfect!! We are here to see made manifest that we can achieve the impossible. Our impossible. We can overcome our flaws. We can bypass our problems and move beyond our limitations.

Only through the difficulty we experience can we progress and evolve. Celebrate your problems. They are giving you the opportunity to transform and transcend. Forever altering and improving life on our little planet!

Thank you for being YOU!!
Much love,


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