Tithing (2)

What if you don’t know where to tithe?

Question Dear RichDreams, I know from the book the reasons for tithing. But when a person is on a tight budget it is hard. I have a lot of medical bills to pay and a friend of mine said that … Continue reading

What you mean about tithing for my spiritual development?

Question Dear Thomas and Penelope, On a flight returning from California to Pennsylvania, I read your book. I have a brief story to share with you and I have one very important question. The story: After reading your book and … Continue reading

God/The Universe (2)

I don’t feel like I can communicate with God

Question Dear Rich Dreams, I was browsing the net and came across your homepage today. From what I could make out God has a lot to do with it, but try as I might sometimes I feel like I don’t … Continue reading

Why do you refer to the “Universe”?

Question Hello Tom, Thank you for writing the book. I enjoy it. I do have a question. Why do you refer to the “Universe”. Why not refer to God. The universe is not capable of doing anything in response to … Continue reading

List Tips (1)

How can I write down about changing my career?

Question   Dear RichDreams, I’m enjoying the book very much. I’m in a situation where I am changing careers, and the stress of not knowing the what/how/when/where I will be in the next few months is very tiring and wearing. … Continue reading