Bring on the Light!

Winter Solstice is the time of year that marks the shortest day and longest night (in the northern hemisphere).

Ancient people honored and celebrated this day as the “end of the dark time and the coming of the light.”

Take time today to honor the quiet of the long night and remember you have the Power to shine your light in any darkness. You are a powerful flame. Illuminate. Sparkle. Shine!

And look into your life as you enter the New Year. How can you bring forth your light for others? Where is there darkness in you life that needs the healing brilliance of truth or forgiveness? And just take a moment to celebrate the unique brightness of YOU. Your flame is like none other. Use it well!!

We love you.
Tom, Penelope, Diane, Dave and Chris

PS This is a picture from a beautiful Solstice celebration we attended last week. Let us know how you are bringing light to your New Year!


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