I’ve Been Rich And I’ve Been Poor


 Rich is better!

I couldn’t agree with Jack Benny more.

Living poor is a lot of work just to keep your head above water.

Pay the bills, decide on which fast food restaurant you can splurge on this week and still budget for food, and laundry and maybe … just maybe see a movie.

Oh, and if you have a toothache forget it, grab some oil of clove and pray.

Living rich is a lot easier.

There’s still His Holiness Christ’s warning in Mathew, “It’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into heaven.”

Sorry, my catechism training still haunts me.

That warning is mitigated by the fact that eye of a needle they were talking about was the side gate into Jerusalem used after the city was close for the evening.

The eye is a small door that requires a camel to crawl through on his knees.

Rich in the old sense of having lots of money can often empower the ego while subjugating the spiritual.

Ergo it’s hard for the rich man to get on his knees and surrender his will to the will of the Supreme Source of Creation.

Reluctantly, I must admit that I myself have often let my ego take command of my life and not surrendered to my Higher Power.

And when I do all hell breaks lose in my life.   As Marilyn was quick to remind me:

“When you refuse to surrender to the will of God, He will take away your money, then your health and finally your life.”

I write to you as a man who just had two side-by-side molars capped removing the painful and gaping hole in my mouth.

Keep your friends close, but keep your dentist closer.

Oh and above all ask for what you want. Ask God. Write your lists at least once a month.

Regardless how rich you think you are. Ask for what you want. Don’t assume you know best.

The All-Knowing may have a better idea.

Your job is to know what you want. Even if your bankbook doesn’t leave any hope of having it.

God’s job, Their job is to see to it you get what you want.

They can do anything as long as you ask and detach.


We love you and we’re sending healing daily,

Tom, Diane, Penelope and Dave





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