How Do I Attract Abundance Into My Life?

That was the question I asked myself for years.


I knew the law of attraction provided for my abundance.

I knew we were all born to enjoy a rich, abundant life. I knew all I had to do was ask and receive.

It just never worked for me.

I wrote down affirmations of wealth and abundance. I listed goals that I hoped would make me prosper. I set the time and date when I’d have an abundance of dollars in the bank…but nothing ever seemed to work for long.

I took my family bankrupt twice.

Then one day I was given an amazing gift from above.

Suddenly everything changed. We became rich beyond our wildest dreams. Big cars, beautiful homes, loving lasting relationships.

We were given a simple system for attracting abundance into our lives.

Now you can have this simple system. Follow it and the doors to prosperity and abundance will fly open before you. Cars, homes, success, happiness, love can all be yours.

Father/Daughter Authors Tom Pauley and Penelope Pauley

Father/Daughter Authors Tom Pauley and Penelope Pauley

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Tom & Penelope


Hi Diane,

My name is Tena and I have been reading and listening to everything that Rich Dreams have been sending me. I don’t know how to put into words what I’m feeling right now but behind these tears that I’m now crying, I know that God has more for me. I feel that I was led to this site. It has made me feel like there is really hope for me, that the universe really isn’t out to get me.

May God bless all of you for the part your are playing changing people’s lives.



Prospertity is yours for the asking.
Getting rich is allowing yourself to receive.