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Whoa!  Am I grateful I can finally get this audio posted.  I’m working on a project, so forgive me if I sometimes get lost in my writing work for which I am very grateful.

Of course, I’m also very grateful for you guys so posting this podcast is especially rewarding.

But enough of this.

Tom Pauley

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Home For Christmas


The Rio Grande River in Truth or Consequences, NM

We have been in the desert for six months now. Separated from friends and family by 883 miles of wind, sand and scorpions.

And incredible healing.

We came to step away from the big city stress and attending confusion and spiritual disorientation.

We left the big city battlefront and came to a place of healing and peace which for, at least, a millennium has given warriors a chance to heal and grow spiritually.

“I know not, O My God, what the fire is which Thou dids’t kindle in Thy land. Earth can never cloud its splendor, nor water quench its flame. All the peoples of the world are powerless to resist its force. Great is the blessedness of him that hath drawn nigh unto it, and heard it’s roaring.”

Our time in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, has set us ablaze and now….

Now, we are heading home.

I finished writing (and channeling) my newest book, In The Presence of The Generous One / The Miracle Healing You Created.

The major writing is complete. Although I still have work to do before it can be published. Before you can read it.

This book is not like anything I’ve written before. Reading it is a Transcendent experience. And that takes some processing.

In fact, I need to write a course so you can get more out of it.

Oh, it reads like one of my books. It’s my story of stroke, death and reanimated life. It reads beautifully. It’s touching, inspirational and oh, so, informational.

New information.

Divinely inspired and directed new information. Information I was given to bring back with me. Information we humans need at this exact time-frame in our earthly experience.

Information and guidance you need.

This book is a gift. A gift of Miracle Healing and Infinite Abundance.

I am excitedly eager for you to have this gift because you asked me personally to bring it back for you. Which I appreciate very much. That and the gift you will have given me after you read it.

Oh dear! I’m getting ahead of myself. That last paragraph needs way too much explanation.

Pardon the enthusiasm. This book is all I’ve been thinking about for going on three years now.

The Generous One will decide exactly when it wants to be published. No sooner, no later. Exacting, that’s the way this book is.

So, until then the one thing I can tell you from the depth of my being is to prepare yourself. Elevate yourself in all facets of your life.

We are going into a new era of rapid change. Yes, more rapid change that we have experienced previously.

Dramatic, fast moving change. With your health and abundance riding on your awareness, your consciousness.

Your expanded consciousness means absolutely everything.

Oh dear, I’ve gotten deep. I wanted to keep this light.

For those of you who have prepared yourself with a Quantum Selling discipline you would be well served to review your course.

It is a great step forward in piercing that mundane veil of apparent reality that separates you from all that you hold dear.

And connecting to the power and reach you came here to employ.

If you bought it before the online version contact [email protected] she’ll set you up with an inexpensive upgrade.

If you have never experienced this new human technology check out the free video http://www.QuantumSelling.co

As I was saying, before my little digression, we are On the Road Again. Heading back to the battlefield. Back to sweet home California.

Diane and I send you our love and hope for your having a happy and healthy Holiday Season.

Along with our love we will be sending everyone that reads this a Miracle Healing. Open your heart, praise the life you’ve been given and enjoy this special time with friends and family.

God Bless you and all those you love,

Tom Pauley

O! Go into a meditative state and focus your attention on the full title of the book, In the Presence of The Generous One / The Miracle Healing You Created, and you can feel and immerse yourself in its Miracle Healing energy.

You ARE Possibility!

We are each and every one of us a testament to the belief that anything is possible.

We are…amazing athletes performing feats (seemingly) beyond physics.

We are…people with incredible physical disabilities living inspiring lives.

We are…individuals with debilitating faults and difficulties arising to greatness.

We are all filled with inadequacies, challenges, problems, flaws, barriers, blocks, dis-eases, glitches, setbacks, drawbacks, obstacles, troubles, tribulations, short-sightedness, competition, failures, lack, struggles, defects, internal battles and tests

And we are all filled with: quest, drive, wonder, mission, goals, effort, enterprise, hunger, yearning, direction, focus, guidance, motivation, center, strength, passion, presence, energy, desire, determination, perseverance, ambition, solutions, power, initiative, vitality, instinct and hustle.

Both sides of you need each other. You need the struggle to engage the hustle, that setback brings out your perseverance. You get growth as the two sides of you work things out. Yes some days the dark stuff seems to win, but in the end the strength of your light elevates you past the challenges you face. Your internal guidance for growth, change and evolution takes you beyond anything you have difficulty with.

We have been sold a lie. We have been told we are inferior to our challenges and unable to fully handle the struggles we face. We are told we need something outside ourselves to conquer our trials and tribulations. We are convinced we need youth and force and pills and money and conformity, and fear and competition and an acceptable reason to lead a full life. LIES!!!!

We forget the power doesn’t come from anything we can learn, or buy or achieve. It is in being the powerful spiritual warrior you were sent here to be. Let You be You!!! Then you can handle anything! You have all the tools you need right now!

You are a manifestation of infinity. The Alpha and the Omega. You are the spiritual and the physical; the challenge and the solution. You just have to let your light shine. And the more you engage and wield the power of your spiritual center the more you elevate your experience on Earth!

This is why we are perfectly imperfect!! We are here to see made manifest that we can achieve the impossible. Our impossible. We can overcome our flaws. We can bypass our problems and move beyond our limitations.

Only through the difficulty we experience can we progress and evolve. Celebrate your problems. They are giving you the opportunity to transform and transcend. Forever altering and improving life on our little planet!

Thank you for being YOU!!
Much love,


I Love My Dog

Every morning of the year I take Harley out sometimes before comes sun up to play and let him do what he does.

And what he does mostly is inspire me.

Rain or shine, of course rain is better, Harley is bubbling over with enthusiasm with his love of life.

You can practically see him thinking, “Throw the stick. Throw the stick, Tom. Throw the stick.”

He’s never down or grumpy. Two years ago he hurt both back knees. I had to hold him up to go to the bathroom.

Vet said, “He’ll need a ton of pain pills the rest of his life. He’ll never play again.”

Well, I flat don’t believe that kind of nonsense. Apparently, neither does Harley. He found a ball somewhere and dragging one leg and limping on the other he wanted to play.

“Throw the ball. Throw the ball.”

So, I threw the ball. Guess what? Every day he got stronger doing what he loved.

Now, he runs up and down the hills behind our home. Every morning, every evening he celebrates life chasing a stick or a ball. Now, he’s got a condition that blocks his wind pipe when he exercises too much.

Almost killed him last year.

Doesn’t matter he still wants to play. And we do. Not as long as we used to, but we play every day.

It’s hard to give in to the bumps and dumps life gives you living with that kind of example.

So, what if I walk funny and don’t have the strength I used to? So what if I get tired easily and type one-handed? I plan to celebrate life every day I’m alive just like my dog does.

How about you? Are you getting up every time you get knocked down? Do you finish what you start? Are you treating your bumps like a challenge.

Are you celibrating life every single day or do you need some help doing that?

There’s no shame in getting help. We’re all in this life together.

Remember we’re here for you.

Tom Pauley.

O! Our website is under “a brute force attack” whatever that means. The affect is we’ve been going down occasionally. But we’re on it and it poses no threat to you.

Just Mr. Negative being his usual pain in the backside.

We’re still here. We’re not giving up.

Stay happy.


Bring on the Light!

Winter Solstice is the time of year that marks the shortest day and longest night (in the northern hemisphere).

Ancient people honored and celebrated this day as the “end of the dark time and the coming of the light.”

Take time today to honor the quiet of the long night and remember you have the Power to shine your light in any darkness. You are a powerful flame. Illuminate. Sparkle. Shine!

And look into your life as you enter the New Year. How can you bring forth your light for others? Where is there darkness in you life that needs the healing brilliance of truth or forgiveness? And just take a moment to celebrate the unique brightness of YOU. Your flame is like none other. Use it well!!

We love you.
Tom, Penelope, Diane, Dave and Chris

PS This is a picture from a beautiful Solstice celebration we attended last week. Let us know how you are bringing light to your New Year!


You Only Have Today

I’ve missed you.
I went away and got stuck in a transition. Ugh, really?? Another change I have to figure out?

Yup. Happens to the best of us.

See I took on a lot this fall. Homeschooling not 1 but 2 kids. Year 7 at our co-op preschool. Five 4H projects and helping (my Dad) Tom on the new book and attempting to work a few days a week.

What the what?? Am I crazy? What is wrong with me?? Not enough hours in the week!

And I’ve been a MESS! Juggling my life like this. Trying to be the best at everything all the time. Feeling totally overwhelmed and out of control. Melting down every single Wednesday for the last 3 months. And utterly distracted from what I really want to do.

Then I had a great shift. (the kind we all need but when we are stuck in the junk of life we think we can’t take the time to have!)

I got honest with myself. Really honest. Brutally honest. And I had to face a lot of things I’ve been doing to please others and ‘fit in’ better. And be perfect (there I admit it.) And I had to yet again face my fears about not being more like other people.

Ok I went to lunch with an amazing friend who looked me in the eyes and made me be honest with myself.

She said “What if you didn’t have another year? We have no idea how long we have here on Earth. What would you do differently if you didn’t have another year?”

Suddenly pleasing others, fitting in, and trying to live up to my ridiculous expectations went out the window and the important things came into sharp focus. So crystal clear.

We only have today. Right now. And that is enough.

I’m me. And I’m only happy and successful doing life my way. I can’t be who I am here to be and allow myself to be victimized by my own schedule. Or a desire to fit into others people’s way of doing things. I am a guide, an encourager, a person here to lift others up. (As I am certain you are too!!) And I take full responsibility for my life and my choices.

However weird and unconventional and potentially difficult it can be to blaze your own trail. What choice do you really have?

Do you have gifts to give the world? Are you giving them?

If you only had 1 year left on Earth what would you do differently?

When the illusion of time is released we can see clearly. Priorities become evident. We feel sure.

What do you want? Where do you want to be? How do you want to experience your life? Make it count. You only get one shot.

I’m back! And I’ve got some great ideas. Join me! Let’s blaze some trails.

Much love,


Detachment Made Easy

Have you ever known a subject inside out. Thought you were an expert. Then heard something you already knew was the truth but said in a different way or from a different perspective and your jaw falls open in astonishment and the light of comprehension dawns?

That was me last week.

Penelope and I were working on our new book. You know the one with the title which must not yet be spoken. The book about my death, rebirth and miracle healing. The book where I finally disclose the amazing gift I have for you. The message you are going to ask me to bring back for you from my death experience March 28, 2009. The book I’ve spent five years trying to avoid writing and the whole of last year struggling to write. (I had emotional issues to overcome just to write it.)

We were working on that book when a Guide dropped this gem on us. It was so powerful I had to share it, now. Who knows if it will make the final cut for the new book, but you needed it

This bit of wisdom really got my attention. Fresh, clear and simple. And puts the end to any doubts you may have about whether this system really works or not.

Check it out.

You [humans] don’t get it. We [Guides/Angels] don’t have free will. We wait for your direction. We can only step in and help if we are asked. If you try to do it yourself, we cannot interfere.

That is what letting go is. That is what surrender is.

When you ask for help and allow help anything can happen. Anything. We can do anything. We can make anything happen.

It is not up to you to know how to make anything happen. It is up to you to know how to ask and let go.

Tom Pauley
O! Leave a comment and tell us how you feel. Is this a fresh perspective or what?


Now. Now. Now!

The power is in the present moment. Only this moment ever really exists. Live in the now!

I have proclaimed these emblems of spirituality and conscious living for decades now. Taught my students how to harness this “now” energy to create lives filled with success, joy and meaning. I’ve written courses and given speeches on the Quantum necessity of focusing on where you are in this very moment to take advantage of our only real power. Connection.

And yes connection only works in the now. Because this moment is the only one we have. But what if..

What if being in the now isn’t enough? What if we are in the now and completely in a funk? How do you “now” your way out of that? What if you are connecting to the negative? What if you are giving your thoughts over to the power of the dark side?

Because I’m here to say we all have a dark side. Whether or not you acknowledge it. Maybe not Darth Vader dark, but the potential is there. And sometimes your “now” is filled with fear and pain and hopelessness. Anger, jealousy and lack.

It happens!!

So maybe just being in the now isn’t enough. Maybe it’s what you DO in the now that matters. What your focus is.

Be the Light in the Now.

When you feel that negative stuff creeping up on you combat it with the Light. Remember something wonderful. Serve someone else. Take a walk in the beauty of nature. Look at how YOU can inspire the light in others. It will in turn lift you up. Now.

Your Light is powerful and you can shine it on whatever you choose. Yes.. Whatever YOU CHOOSE! Now.

Choose wisely. When you shine that Light you can see everything. You can see that silly argument for what it really is…fear. You can see your worry as a time waster. You can see that hopeless situation as another adventure. You can see that failure as a lesson and move on. You can see your path laid out before you.

But you must turn on your Light and shine it. Now. Even when the darkness creeps in. Especially when the darkness creeps in.

In the Now.
Expressing your Light.
And illuminating those around you.

You are here to serve and uplift. Don’t let the darkness convince you otherwise. Your light is too important.

Much love and LIGHT!
Penelope Pauley


Hangers In The Bed

16 years ago, when my husband and I moved into our first place together we slept with hangers in our bed. Every night like clockwork, we would climb under the sheets to the cold metal and sharp edges of a hanger or two (or three).

I would scream, Chris would sigh and they would be removed.

Every night for about 2 weeks. Not ideal sleeping arrangements, I assure you, but true.

See Chris always took his shirts out of the closet in the morning while getting dressed and usually just left the hangers on the bed. This was never a problem for him when he lived alone because he never made the bed and always put the hangers back later that day.

I, on the other hand, was a notorious bed-maker. The second I jumped out of bed those pillows were fluffed and that comforter was straight.

And yes it went on way longer than necessary. Probably because it bugged me so much. How could I be so out of synch with the person I was choosing to spend my life with? And how could he be so inconsiderate and forgetful? I was making the bed every morning for us, couldn’t he just think about me?!!

Then I remembered a few important details.

1. Relationships are not about Me. They are about Us. And if you want to succeed in one you just have to accept this.

2. Transitions are not easy for everyone. Going from dating for 5 years to 24/7 living is a big deal and it takes time to adjust.

3. There will always be things that bug you about someone. No matter how well matched you are, no matter how long you have been together, no
matter how much you “work” on yourself! You will always be annoyed with something. But here is the key.

Love the things you hate about them.

No you shouldn’t hate anyone or anything and yes that is a very strong word, but hear me out.

No one likes to be annoyed. And people usually describe these annoyances as things they “hate”. It’s ok. Own it. Then…

Find a way to love them. Love that you hate them. Love that they exist. Love that they aren’t as bad as they could be.

These little annoyances are your friends. They are markers for your growth. (I know- it’s their problem not yours, stay with me.) They are keeping you alive and fresh. They are pointing out what you are attracting. They are helping you choose this person over and over and over again.

In relationships we get an amazing opportunity to choose Love. We get to choose to love our partner despite the challenges they bring our way.

How is this any different from the rest of our life? We are always given choice. Love or fear. Hope or despair. Allowing or resistance.

Find a way to love all of your Life. Not just the things you like about it.

It ain’t easy folks. You have to be deliberate. You have to focus. And maybe you can’t choose why you were attracted to them in the first place, but you can choose to accept (and love) their crazy idiosyncrasies.

Chris is direct and straightforward and tends to keep a pretty straight focus. I love this about him. In the morning he is about getting ready and out the door. Single focus. If the hangers end up on the bed, oh well. They can be dealt with later.

To truly accept and love him I had to accept and love all of him. Complete with hangers in bed and an occasional wet towel or two. but that’s another story.

We have since then moved onto bigger and even more annoying scenarios. They aren’t all as easy as keeping the hangers in the closet and clearing the bed before it’s made. But we move through them together and they become another funny story to add to the list.

Yes, you need to know your deal breakers in relationships. Kids/no kids, basic world philosophy, compatibility, etc. But the little stuff that bugs you… don’t make it something it isn’t. Accept it, embrace it, love it. Especially if you can’t stand it.

A true partnership with your Divine Compliment is way more important than hangers in your bed.

Much love!

PS– OK time to love ALL of your life. Quantum Marketing will be starting again next week. Let us know if you are ready to step up your game and Unleash YOUR Higher Power!!

pps I’ve had so much fun with my students this year I might just take on more this round…


Star Crusher

Finn, my grandson, celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday. It was magical!

About forty of us gathered in a delightful, shady park in Tustin, CA, ate pizza and watermelon, drank ice tea and enjoyed each others company while the kids ran and jumped and threw water on each other. It was soooo hot – over 100 degrees.

Finn’s theme was Guardians of the Galaxy. He was Star Lord, naturally. He said I could be Star Crusher, a character of his own invention complete with a very good back story and costume suggestions.

Finn says he wants to be a writer when he grows up.   He sure has the imagination for it.  But then he also plans on being a fireman, a Leprechaun, and saving the galaxy from destruction. So…we’ll see what 6 brings.

As we were leaving Penelope wanted a family pix. Very revealing. (You can see the pix on Facebook. Friend me I always say yes.)

I can’t stop looking at that pix! You can see how great a day it was in our faces. I just wish you all could have been there.

Hope you are having an amazing year.

If not I have one suggestion. Doesn’t matter how down you may feel. Or how discouraged or ill or broke…do this:

Decide to make the rest of your year amazing! Decide right now. Do this, then stop giving you attention to the unpleasant things of life. Focus only on the good.

Your life will improve imeadiately!

Because you create exactly what you focus on.

We love you more than I can express.

Stay happy and live in abundance,

Tom Pauley

O! This week is Quantum Masters. So I’ll be sending out invitations. Watch for them. Don’t want you to miss that.