Heal Yourself, Heal The World

We have students in every continent of the world. And one thing we've learned in helping them live rich, healthy lives is the importance of clearing your emotions of all your past garbage.

Once you clear that garbage... Once you heal yourself, your whole world becomes a much happier, richer place to live. And you naturally attract the riches you desire.

Garbage...yes, whether you realize it or not, you have been saving garbage your whole life. Traumatic, difficult or emotionally charged events in your life can leave a residue (garbage) which is today blocking you from receiving the abundant life you deserve.

Sometimes this garbage, these emotional blocks are so powerful they actually stop all the wealth, happiness and good health you ask for. Abundance you are entitled to have.

I cannot tell you how many times we've heard people say... “I've written down the things I want for years, but it just never works for me.” Or, “ I feel like I've been jinxed. Everything I do always seems to end in disaster.” Or, “I feel like the life I want is always just out of my reach.” Or, “I don't deserve any better.” Or “I'm being punished.”

These are all symptoms of emotional blockage.

Clearing is Vital To Receiving

It makes sense, doesn't it. How can the Universe deliver your requests when you're blocked? It's like ordering a new car delivered to your driveway when you've got a pile of junk blocking the way.

Receiving depends on you having a clear path. You can ask all day long, but delivery isn't possible if the Universe has no access.

Quantum Clearing can be the key that allows you to heal from chronic, painful physical conditions. Your body will heal itself the instant you allow it. The Universe can do anything you request.

Today highly respected MDs and medical researches agree that 89% to 95% of all disease is caused by your emotional blocks. We lean towards 100%.

That includes everything from diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer to the flu or common cold. Which means the secret to your healing is not only what you take or do, but how quickly you clear your emotional garbage.

Your emotions might be so clogged with yesterday's garbage that the road to your abundance looks more like a city dump than a super highway.

The Highway To Heaven

One of our better students, Norm, a member of our Quantum Masters program, came up with the idea first. He suggested we put together a series designed to help all of us dump our garbage. To clear away our emotional blocks.

So we could all more powerfully attract the abundance we desire.

So our road to success would become a super highway to heaven.

So we did.

We used all the powerful Quantum Techniques we know so well. We reached through the portal and turned to the Source of All Healing.

We asked the Universe to send us the people who could help you dump your emotional garbage. We asked for those who would help you allow the powerful healing of Source Energy to flow directly through your body, mind and spirit.

We asked for four powerful healers to join us. Oh, what an amazing group we drew.

The Fantastic Quantum Four

Four very different healers answered our call. Each came to us in different ways. Yet each was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time.

We quickly came to realize we were not in charge of the booking. The Universe was.

Emotional Intuitive

Our first mystery guest knows more about what's going on in your emotions and body than you may ever know. This woman helped me personally overcome emotional blocks that I carried for years. Blocks that prevented me from moving to a higher, more prosperous level of wealth, health and happiness. Blocks I'd practically given up on. The ease with which she evaporated these long standing...seemingly insurmountable emotions...was mind blowing. She gave us a very simple and yet powerful tool to change and empower every single situation that could stop our progress. A way to clear emotional blocks ourselves quickly, easily.

Miracle Healer

Our second guest was a country western singer who was struck by lightening and died a few years ago. She traveled into the light and received the gift of healing. She returned as one of those precious beings I've hoped to meet all my life. The kind that gathers a crowd everywhere she goes. The power of her healing touch is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. For hours afterwards I feel like I'm in another Universe watching my own life in slow motion. She treated all of us once when she was experiencing one of her Stigmata episodes. I saw the blood dripping from her hands and feet and I was utterly speechless. Being touched by her words is equally powerful. During the show one listener started blowing out light bulbs as she walked around her house. Her distant healing will help you every single time you listen. You absolutely don't want to miss this.

Warrior Priest

Our third mystery guest was as different from the second as possible. He is a married priest and the past director of a large foreign intelligence agency. He's a martial arts expert and former spy. I was both shocked and amazed at what he gave us. He opened our minds to the amazing possibility of living in a perpetual alpha state. Then he showed us exactly how to get there. And more importantly gave us simple physical tools we could use to stay in that state regardless of the stress or the complications we encountered. His was a very powerful experience. I use one of his tools every single day.

Mystical Scholar

Our final guest was exactly what we needed to hold all the cumulative clearing power of this program together. Ancient secrets and how they affect us today are his stock and trade. The stories he tells and the knowledge he shares allow us to see the beauty and perfection within us every single minute of every day. Then he swept away the stumbling blocks of our emotion and carried us into a state of hypnotic clarity and empowerment. You cannot help but listen to this show over and over again. I am constantly mesmerized by his voice and strengthened by his pure and absolute faith in the power of our own intentions. This show will leave you feeling like you can do anything, go anywhere and have everything you want in this life.

To say our listeners enjoyed their Quantum Clearing experience is probably an understatement.

All I can say is WOW!!!!  Magnificent!!!  Brilliant!!!! 


What I love MOST about the Quantum Clearing series is the complex diversity of the guest speakers you have attracted to participate in this program. Wow.  It is nothing short of awe-inspiring, uplifting and amazing.   Last night's call was another reminder of the incredible resources and support available from the Universe, if you are willing to ask and then "tune-in." 

Kathleen Greve

Hi Tom & Penelope & Diane, God bless you all!

Wow I just finished listening to the first Quantum clearing session. Powerful!!

Listening to [mystery guest's] session really helped me to see/feel that I can choose, in fact I'm always choosing. Now I plan to make conscious choices. Bottom line is: I CHOOSE TO CHOOSE! Wow, is that ever freeing to me. Thank you so much.



Hi Tom, Penelope and Diane!

I just wanted to tell you how awesome the teleseminar was! I didn't want it to end. I felt positively tingly all over for quite a while afterward. And the back problem that I'd had all week was gone and so are the allergy symptoms.

Let's do it again soon,

Thanks so much!!!


Dear Tom, Penelope & Diane

This session with [mystery guests] was profoundly moving and inspiring.  My right wrist which I once broke and which tends to get a bit stiff and painful if I over-use it was very hot after the group healing and I've not had so much as a twinge since.. 

Love to you all

Anne Robertson

Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome show last night.  Very wonderful. 

I have been in a very depressed state in the last month and not selling.  Nothing is quite going my way, I just keep reminding myself that I am shedding off things no longer useful to me. 

I just cant thank you enough perfect timing.

Mary Ellen Lemke

Dear Tom, Diane and Penelope,

I feel very humbled, connected and changed forever. This is the best teleseminar I've ever listened to. I will treasure this program and listen over and over again.

Thank you from my heart,


Unbridled Health And Abundance

Quantum Clearing is a powerful experience that transcends all the speakers and all the participants. Quantum Clearing retains the amazing impact those seminars had on all of us.

Before each show we specifically, asked God to extend this unique healing experience to all who were on the calls. A nd to all who would ever hear the recordings.

Or even be in the house where these recordings were played.

About a month after the second show aired one of the listeners wrote to say,

“I went yesterday for the surgery I'd scheduled for my uterine cancer. I knew this was coming, the doctors said it had to be done, but I always held out hope. Those same doctors were dumbfounded when they looked again. There was nothing there. Nothing. The cancer was gone completely. They didn't even need to take a biopsy. It was just gone.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Tom and Penelope Pauley
Masters of Living Rich Now

Thank You Thank You Thank You for orchestrating this powerful call! Starting out with the awareness of ALWAYS having choice felt so empowering.

[Mystery Guest's] ability to clearly communicate how we can always remember our power reaches me at a very deep level. Many times during the call my body gave me messages that it was delighted for me to be hearing these truths! The recognition made me laugh a lot! My frequency kept rising so that by the end of the call I was a radiant happy woman. My family basked in the positive glow.

WOW! This first call of this series is HOT! It's inspiring to experience your personal facilitators. I'm beginning to see how you two are always Having so much FUN!

I love you all and very much appreciate you!


So much enjoyed the teleseminar the other night!  Thank you so much.  I participated in the distant healing at the end of the call and what I was praying for is already getting better!!  WOW!!  How awesome and wonderful to know God's true intentions for us.  Again, thank you so much.  I will carry this with me for the rest of my life.

Misty Buckley

Good morning Dear Friends,

You know, this getting up for an early morning session from 3.00 to 4:30 a.m. is not too bad. While the body and the intelectual and thinking part of the brain is in a somewhat dozy state, I am so much more open and unhindered from fleeting ideas and thoughts ;-)

Last night's session gave me too the long asked for answer to, how can I keep in that (elevated) state?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for having this special guest on our session! Just as we were introduced to [mystery guest's] findings and insights and as I practiced along, I had received something like writer's cramps (held pen too tight) while trying to take as many notes as possible. While breathing into belly, I put my attention into the cramp and ... it was gone within 2 seconds. AMAZING. It even now makes me smile, which automatically pulls me into this wonderful feeling of knowing and practicing. I never wanted to be a warrior / soldier -- this gave me an entirely different aspect to this art.

Have a beautifal day -- I was woken by sunshine in my eyes, at upper 60 degrees, and that on December 1st. Where normally there would be icy roads, grey sky for days on end.

Love and heartfelt appreciation to you ALL!




Tom and Diane,

I bought your book and fell in love with the down to earth style and your way of allowing me to believe that I could live my dreams.

I loved your guest tonight! What a beautiful expression of God's grace. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be part of the call and for offering such a beautiful gift to me on this Thursday evening. I am feeling clear and connected. You have brought me a way to connect the God part of me to my intention and not have it all be me (an awesome responsibility).

Much love,


I was so excited after I got off the call, Which was a about 10:30pm New York City time, I was jumping up and down in my kitchen!! I am not quite sure why I was feeling this way, except to say that I "connected to something" during the call- I felt like there was ONE million VOLTS of electricity running through me and I actually thought I could Fly!! (But, of course, I didn't try it-) I was just SO charged up!! And excited...and happy! 


I feel so blessed to have connected with you and Rich

THANK YOU a zillion times over!


cathy elizabeth levin

I gained a whole new appreciation for the word "decide" and the physical feelings--in fact, the CELLULAR feelings of choice. Experiencing those sensations on the call last night were truly transforming.


I was blown away by the teleseminar last night!

First – most of the time, even though I sign up for (& sometimes purchase) teleseminars, I allow other things to get in the way

and I don't attend or even listen to the audios. But there was something about this one – even though I didn't know who the speaker was going to be – that spoke to me. I set a reminder on my Outlook to purchase both the call & the MP3 audio and made sure I was in attendance.


Renée Bourbonnière

Hi Tom and Penelope,

Thanks for facilitating such a beautiful experience by telephone! It's my first time joining your teleseminar. It was late Thursday night Korea time when I felt guided by Spirit to be on the call.

I felt a loving and healing energy throughout the call. I've gained much love, inspiration and healing from this experience. I send love and healing to the wonderful work that you are doing.

Wow, Wow, Wow.

What a session. I just finished listening to the download and checked out [mystery guest's] web site. What a blessing! and what a blessing Tom & Penelope & Diane you are to bring forth this information. love & blessings,

Steve Wornoff

Nothing Moves On A Blocked Highway

Clearing cancer is powerful and dramatic, but clearing your path to success and abundance is no less important.

We are in this world to live a rich, healthy and abundant life. We are given the power to ask and receive anything our heart desires.

Anything. You can have anything you want.

All you have to do is ask and allow yourself to receive it.

And only your own emotional garbage can stop you from receiving.

It is your emotional blockage that allows you to languish in poverty, sickness and loss.

It is so frustrating...so demoralizing... and so pointless to ask for what you want. To ask for what you know is yours to have.

Only to watch others grow and prosper while you wait and do without.

You can change all that right now.

You can unblock your highway to heaven.

You can clear out all that ancient emotional junk.

You can throw open wide the door to your abundance and well-being.

You can heal yourself.

Follow Your Heart

Here's how we suggest to decide when to allow yourself the opportunity to experience Quantum Clearing.

Ask your heart what to do.

Does Quantum Clearing feel like something that's good or positive?

Do you feel like Quantum Clearing might help you?

Do you you want a clear path to your abundance?

Do you want to discard your emotional garbage?

Do you want to move forward with your life?

All the guests were mystery guests to the first listeners as they are now. And yet, those calls were packed. Because people followed their hearts.

Those who were asking for this healing came.

Those who were attracted by the powerful energy of this event came.

Those who followed their heart came.

The Universe is pure love. It always guides you through your heart if you allow it.

So, ask your heart. Follow your feelings.

Special Limited Introductory Offer

This is a Quantum Level Course which we sell for as much as $2000 or more.

We always intended to offer Quantum Clearing for, at least, several hundred dollars.

But we were deeply touched by the powerful effect we saw this program have on ourselves and others. And we are, at times, softies.

So we said, what the heck.

We'll offer this amazing healing experience for the Special Low Introductory Price of $97. About the price we intended to charge for each program.

And I'll tell you right now many of the people on the original calls paid more than that. But we feel very strongly that as many people as possible have the opportunity to benefit from Quantum Clearing.

So, here it is. Buy today...right now and we'll sell you the entire Quantum Clearing program...four separate MP3s downloads, nearly 7 hours of healing, clearing energy for only $97. You'll receive instant access to the downloads after purchase.

Forget taxes and shipping. For less than the cost of one Doctor's visit you can:

Download your MP3s, immediately.

Start clearing and healing your emotions, immediately.

Open wide the door to your abundance and well-being, immediately.

But don't count on that price staying available forever. This is a Limited Introductory Offer. We do retain the right to raise this price any time!

Order Quantum Clearing Now.

You were born rich.

You were given the power at birth to ask for anything your heart desires. And the only thing keeping you from receiving and enjoying those desires is you.

If you feel the good positive energy of Quantum Clearing. If you feel Quantum Clearing could possibly help you, then act quickly!

Order Quantum Clearing today. This instant. Download your MP3s, immediately. And start healing, immediately.

Quantum Clearing can help you clear blocks you may not even know exist.

Throw out the garbage!

Oh, you remember this was Norm's idea, yes? Here's what he had to say.

Hi Tom & Penelope,

Thank you, thank you thank you!!! I just finished re-listening to the Quantum Clearing call, and you've hit another home run!!

Your straight forward message helped me to gain an understanding of what has been between me and my abundance. I've been trying to figure out why I can't seem to get on track for years. Even though I've read all the books and understand how the universe works on an intellectual level, something has been stopping me from thinking and feeling the way I want to. I know how silly it is, but I just couldn't get myself out of this deep dark hole.

Pushing against the feelings in my body, or trying to deny that they are there, just isn't the way to go. The formula for acknowledging where you are and allowing something different really does work. At last, thanks to the Quantum Clearing class, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's Tom & Penelope waving a flashlight so I can see which way to go.

Thank You


Order and Download Quantum Clearing Now. Only $97

Isn't it about time you cleared out the garbage stopping your abundance? Time you moved into the life you know you can live? The rich, healthy, abundant life you want and deserve desperately?

Good Luck and Great Adventures

Tom & Penelope

P.S. Oh, one more thing. Keep in mind this is a Quantum Level program. When was the last time you heard $97 associated with anything Quantum? Certainly not from Tom & Penelope. Don't wait. Now's the time to act.

Order and Download Quantum Clearing Now. Only $97

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