Where Do I Tithe?

This is our most asked question by far. And since second place falls too “How do I find the woman/man of my dreams,” we thought it would be easier to answer the tithing question.

As we have said before you can send your tithe to any person, business or organization that is doing the Good Spiritual Work of the Universe. And your tithe is more effective if you send it to the source of your spiritual enlightenment.

The key here is your good intention. If your intent is pure, you can’t go wrong. If you intend to give back to God out of love 10% of your income, then He will guide you to where to send the check. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake. Just send the check.

When we started tithing we weren’t sure where to send the check either. Naturally, we sent much of our tithe to Marilyn, she was our teacher. But over time we had other teachers, a religious organization as well as individuals, so we developed a tithing list. Every time a check came in we would sit down and decide who got what. The names and amounts came easily. They still do.

Our son started by sending his tithe to Stevie Wonder the recording artist. Obviously Mr. Wonder didn’t need the money, but that’s not the point of tithing anyway. My son felt like he had received spiritual good from the man and sent him his tithe.

Marilyn, I believe, tithes to a lady who writes books that inspire her. The idea is you can’t go wrong. Try something. If you don’t like it, do something else next time.

The amount you tithe is fixed, 10%. But you get to decide where it goes. Have fun. Enjoy this experience. Tithing is one of the greatest joys in our life.

Write down, “I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt where and to whom to send my tithe.” Then meditate for a few minutes and probably a name or an organization will come to mind. Act upon these feelings and send your tithing checks accordingly.

Don’t get hung up on where you tithe. The important this is that you DO tithe. Tithing is a physical manifestation of your goodness and love. How can goodness and love ever be wrong? It’s not possible. Tithe and you are Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

Tithing for Tom & Penelope, Diane or Rich Dreams.

As a convenience for those who wish to send us a tithe, here are a few details.  Please note we are not soliciting your tithe.
We have, however, received many requests for information.
Sending a tithe to us with a Paypal account –
Send your tithe to Diane@richdreams.com
Mark it as Personal/Gift if possible
Sending a tithe with a check or money order –
Address the check or money order to Tom Pauley, Diane Pauley or Penelope Pauley and mail to:

Rich Dreams, Inc.
P.O. Box 3922
Laguna Hills, California 92654-3922

We have difficulty accepting tithes to Rich Dreams, Inc. as we are registered as a ‘for profit’ corporation.
This information is provided in response to the many requests we receive.