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I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams.
I am. I am. I am.

This is a remarkably short book considering the gift it holds. Yes, I will tell you the secret. You will have the opportunity to be Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams. But first I must set the scene. To do less would be like you giving your lover a precious stone without the setting. A loose diamond is a valuable investment, but a diamond ring is a gift you'll cherish for life.

Come with me, then, to one of Southern California's least known and most intimate beaches. It is a good walk from the car down the path cut deep into the steep cliffs that protect the narrow stretch of sand and tide pools.

It was here, only a mile from Seal Island, that my story begins. Or, at least, so I originally thought. My wife, fifteen-year-old daughter and I were spending the day with my daughter's best friend and her parents. We'd known each other for a few years, but this was kind of a first date. You know, hang at the beach, enjoy the day and find out what we have in common.

Shortly after spreading our blankets and pouring on the sunscreen, I got into a conversation with Lisa, the best friend's stepmother. Lisa was into alternative thinking, most of which seemed a little far out to me, but then she said, "Did you know that the Indians in this area believed that hawks were messengers of the Great Spirit and that if a hawk landed near you it meant that God had a message for you?"

I had just finished writing a video script for Shell Oil's Annual Dealer Meeting that used that very concept as a central theme. I was ready to expound on my own knowledge of Native American lore when something happened that silenced us all.


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