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The first time I went bankrupt I lost my big home, two new cars and most of my furniture, including my antique burled walnut piano.

The second time I went bankrupt ten years later I lost a rented house, a burned up old Nissan and what was left of my self-respect, including nearly all hope I still had of realizing my hopes and dreams.

Then a divine gift dropped from the sky and within a few short weeks I was Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams.

The secret to our rich and happy life is a system so simple even I couldn't mess it up.

A system so effective you can literally have everything you want in life.

A system that requires about the same effort as it takes to make out a grocery list.

Get Everything You Want in Life

I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am. is an amazing book. It is at once the story of a family's rise to a rich and happy life and the system that took them there.

Yes, it is a great story. But more than that this book teaches you how you can get everything you want in life.

The crazy thing is this simple system works without any special effort on your part. Sure you have to do something. But the effort is not much different from creating a grocery list.

You are who you are. You can't change that. You shouldn't. What you can do is learn the keys that open wide the hidden doors to success.

Join the Winners Circle

Regardless of the talents they were born with, men and women everywhere have used the truths in this system to raise themselves above their beginnings. They have opened the hidden doors to wealth, power and happiness because they had the keys.

We all know that talent does not guarantee success. Nor does intelligence or education. The world is littered with the failed lives of smart, talented, and well educated people.

Long hours and hard work does not guarantee success. Tom knows this as a fact. He worked long hard hours his whole life and went bankrupt twice.

What then is the secret? Why does wealth and happiness seek out some and not others? What can you do to change the quality of your life? How can you get everything you want in life? And eliminate what you don't want?

The proven secrets are inside this book.

A Message From Above

Tom bolted awake about 2:00 o'clock in the morning, July 5th. He remembers the day because of the big 4th of July pool and birthday party they had hosted for their friend Marilyn, the woman who'd introduced them to this amazing new system for success.

Considering the fact that he'd only recently discharged his second personal bankruptcy, Tom and his family were living better than they could ever have imagined. Obviously the system was working.

Now in the early morning stillness of his bedroom his mind was racing with thoughts and images. It was like watching a movie running on super fast-forward, except it was inside Tom's head. He couldn't really see it, but it felt like he could.

It felt like he was receiving a very important message from a very powerful source. Tom immediately thought of the hawks and what Lisa had said on that beach a year before, "Well, Tom, it looks like God has a message for you."

Tom turned on the light and scribbled down a title and the outline for what became the first five chapters of their book, I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am.

Tom always thought he'd change that title, but he didn't realize then the importance the title held for those who would read it. It wasn't his title to change; it was the book's title. And this was a very special book.

It was a book with the power to change lives.

What Readers Have To Say

Thomas from NJ - "I have been in a relentless storm over the last 3 years and, you're right, it is all about change. I see the big picture again and I'm so glad you wrote this book. I'm going to go and write about more amazing things that I want added to my life. Thanks again for everything."

Dave & Zelda from, NM - "We were living in a trailer, driving a junker, making $27,000 a year when we started using Tom's system. Within two months we moved into a brand new home on our own ranch. We drive a brand new pick-up and we're making $75,000.00. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You."

I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am. can be the beginning of a brand new way of life.

Dylan from CO - "Only 4 days after I started using this system I found a literary agent for my book. Now, I'm negotiating with a big publisher."

Jill from Austin, TX - "I used this system to acquire a $350,000.00 apartment project free and clear of all debt. I had very little money at the time, but this system allowed me to secure a grant for the full purchase price with no obligation to repay."

Joe from Wimberley, Texas - "I was using Tom's system when I purchased my Estate here in the Hill Country. I love this system. It absolutely works."

A Rich And Happy Life

In the beginning Tom thought he was writing a short handout for his friends explaining the details of the system that had taken his family from bankruptcy to a rich and happy life almost overnight.

He drove a big, beautiful black Mercedes S class, lived in a large 5 bedroom 3 bath home with a pool and a hot tub. They had brand new furniture, new carpet, a cleaning woman every week, huge parties for all their friends and were only 5 minutes from the beach by bicycle.

They were living their dream life. This was a system Tom had to share.

After graduating from film school Penelope, his oldest, joined him in the writing project and the rough draft grew longer by the day. Two and a half years later the book was finally published.

It was and always will be more than the sum of Tom & Penelope's efforts. There is more in this book than they put there. That's why it changes people's lives. It's a gift. A gift from above.

Ancient Secret To Wealth

The secrets inside the covers of I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams. I am. I am. I am. are not new. They are very old. As old as the Universe itself. Yet, this book is very special because the specific system it teaches can change your life forever.

You may have done work like this before, but never as impacting as this. Time and time again people say, "I can't believe how quickly things started happening for me when I used the Rich Dreams system."

For 20 years Shelly practiced what she thought was the secret to wealth, but then she and her family found themselves practically homeless, living in a travel-trailer waiting in vain for their house to sell. In desperation Shelly tried using the Rich Dreams system and almost immediately her life took a step up.

A friend of a friend offered to let Shelly and her family move into her "spare" house in an exclusive neighborhood, absolutely free of charge.

In back was a separate guest house, something that fit the dreams of Shelly's teenage son exactly. It was almost too good to be true.

But that's not even the good part.

What Shelly wanted more than a house was a place with "good energy," so she could finish writing her novel. The owner, it turns out, had already written and published two books in this house. It was the house of Shelly''s dreams.

And all it took to get it was following the Rich Dreams system.

You will learn for the first time many things you thought you knew before. When you do the work in this book you can learn how to apply the same secrets the wealthy have known for centuries.


  • How to construct the parameters of your success.
  • The power of never, never, never asking for money.
  • Why having fun is essential to gaining wealth.
  • The secret of cosmic fertilization.
  • How to insure your success.
  • What to do when all seems lost.
  • The power behind the number 10.
  • The magnetic power of letting go and walking away.
  • The secret that makes millionaires out of wage earners.

He Who Hesitates Is Lost

This book will teach you how to get everything you want in life. Can you really afford to pass that up?

Here's Mary Ellen's story:

"I ran across your book in June. When I picked it up the book practically vibrated in my hands, and I thought, 'these are good people who wish to help others.' I could feel the great vibes. I realized that no book ever tingled in my hands before so why not give yours a try? I bought it & immediately began reading it and doing what I considered to be extremely simplistic exercises.

However, by October just about everything I wished for had come to me, including:

1) a sudden in-flow of cash (my husband's great Aunt whom he barely knew left him $67,000 last October)
2) a brand new car that was exactly what I specified I wanted in the exercises: EXACTLY
3) a much-improved relationship with my husband
4) easily got rid of 2 leachy "friends" who were only using me
5) improved my business & began collecting the money & working like crazy
6) a romantic getaway with my husband
7) a trip to Cancun with husband (pending as we still have to plan it & then go)

And quite recently I used the exercises to get Paul McCartney concert tickets for myself!

I must say that is the BEST money I have EVER spent! I am now recommending your book to all of my clients. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this wonderful and simple approach with everyone.

Many Blessings!"

Mary Ellen

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