I Love My Dog

Every morning of the year I take Harley out sometimes before comes sun up to play and let him do what he does.

And what he does mostly is inspire me.

Rain or shine, of course rain is better, Harley is bubbling over with enthusiasm with his love of life.

You can practically see him thinking, “Throw the stick. Throw the stick, Tom. Throw the stick.”

He’s never down or grumpy. Two years ago he hurt both back knees. I had to hold him up to go to the bathroom.

Vet said, “He’ll need a ton of pain pills the rest of his life. He’ll never play again.”

Well, I flat don’t believe that kind of nonsense. Apparently, neither does Harley. He found a ball somewhere and dragging one leg and limping on the other he wanted to play.

“Throw the ball. Throw the ball.”

So, I threw the ball. Guess what? Every day he got stronger doing what he loved.

Now, he runs up and down the hills behind our home. Every morning, every evening he celebrates life chasing a stick or a ball. Now, he’s got a condition that blocks his wind pipe when he exercises too much.

Almost killed him last year.

Doesn’t matter he still wants to play. And we do. Not as long as we used to, but we play every day.

It’s hard to give in to the bumps and dumps life gives you living with that kind of example.

So, what if I walk funny and don’t have the strength I used to? So what if I get tired easily and type one-handed? I plan to celebrate life every day I’m alive just like my dog does.

How about you? Are you getting up every time you get knocked down? Do you finish what you start? Are you treating your bumps like a challenge.

Are you celibrating life every single day or do you need some help doing that?

There’s no shame in getting help. We’re all in this life together.

Remember we’re here for you.

Tom Pauley.

O! Our website is under “a brute force attack” whatever that means. The affect is we’ve been going down occasionally. But we’re on it and it poses no threat to you.

Just Mr. Negative being his usual pain in the backside.

We’re still here. We’re not giving up.

Stay happy.


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