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Hello Tom.

Thank you for writing the book. I enjoy it. I do have a question. Why do you refer to the "Universe". Why not refer to God. The universe is not capable of doing anything in response to my requests. It requires a thinking being. God. Are you concerned about offending people of different religious beliefs. Or do you really believe the "Universe" can answer my requests? Just curious.




I guess I must first ask if you believe that God is an old man with white hair that sits on a cloud somewhere? Probably not exactly that, but it goes to illustrate the concept of God as an anthropomorphic entity. We can understand what a powerful person is. We can comprehend that much more easily than an unknowable essence which is perhaps more correct.

God is the beginning that has no ending. God is the alpha and the omega. If God is eternal then God is also infinite. We as finite beings we cannot know or comprehend the infinite. It's much like trying to wrap your arms around light and hold it close to you.

So, the term Universe is perhaps as good as any to describe that infinite, unknowable essence that is the moving and creating force of all existence.

Does it really matter what we call this force?

"A rose by any name would smell as sweet."

Good Luck and Great Adventures.

Tom Pauley

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