In our e-class we tell one of the first great, rags-to-riches, internet success stories. And perhaps more importantly, we tell you how we did it.

It's all about the marketing...

Quantum Marketing is a passive marketing system based on the same principles that allow your computer to compute. It is a wholly organic and natural process dependent on the concept of expanding universes which, of course, Einstein proposed shortly after he published his Special Theory of Relativity. We rely on that theory and on Quantum Field Theory to provide the keys which unlock the doors to the amazing success we have experienced.

We build your success from the inside out rather than imposing an artificial reality on you and your life. The mechanical aspects of success that worked for William Carnigie did not work for H. Ross Perot or Bill Gates. And what worked for them won't work for you. Life is always changing. Change is our only constant in business. So our success depends on change. Quantum Marketing teaches you how to use change on a higher level. How to get the things you want in your life and your business. Simply and organically.

Hard work and long hours are not the keys to success. I've worked hard long hours and gone bankrupt twice. Only after learning Quantum Marketing did I find the kind of success I always felt I could have.

Here's what our students have to say about Quantum Marketing: Unleashing A Higher Power.

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Quantum Marketing:
Unleashing A Higher Power



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